Airfreight services

Air transportation is an inevitable mode of freight shipping in order to meet the challenges of the squeezed shipping cycles caused by decreased order lots, shortened product shelf life and increased customer demands for product availability.

You can choose the most suitable service level that responds to your specific needs and provides best trade between required transit time and planned transportation costs:

Express Airfreight: Fastest direct services loading your load at first available flight on a scheduled airline. Tranzit times airport-to-airport are within 24-48 hrs. Special pick-up and export customs processing are available on-request.

Standard Airfreight:
Flight specific service with tranzit times of 1-3 business days airport-to-airport, using the services of scheduled airlines. Pick-up and customs processing are available on request.

Economy Airfreight:
Combined transportation with tranzit times 3-7 business days airport-to-airport. Pick-up and customs processing are available on request.

For rates please send air transportation rate request !

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