LCL transportation from Bulgaria to New Zealand

New Zealand or almost the end of the world is interesting country providing interesting opportunities. The Bulgarian forwarding company KG CARGO Ltd. offers LCL ocean transportation from Bulgaria to New Zealand with consol box from Varna.

The consolidation container from Varna departs on every two weeks. Due the increased interest though, the departures become more often recently which lead to squeezing overall lead times.

The container is closing on the day before the scheduled departure.

Shipments are delivered in CFS  depots in the cities of Auckland and Wellington.

The transit time is as follows:

Varna – Auckland: 50 days
Varna – Wellington: 54 days

The transit time includes: time for departure from port Varna-West to Singapore, loading in Singapore and departure from Singapore to the New Zealand ports.

The logistics provider KG SID also offers  value-added services base on the consolidated container transportation:

– Pick-up of shipments from Bulgaria and the neighboring countries
– Export Customs Clearance
– Any other services that may arise in the course of the work.

For a quote please request your ocean freight rate.

For more information on schedules or for making orders, please contact KG CARGO – the Bulgarian freight and transportation logistics provider.

For more information on KG CARGO freight forwarding service please contact us.

3 thoughts on “LCL transportation from Bulgaria to New Zealand”

  1. Bert

    Hello – I am looking to import wood stoves from

    Initially a trial shipment of probably 10 units then full LCL, can you indicate approxiamate pricing for the 10 units – cum each is 0.15 plus packaging and weight is 65 kg each plus packaging, what would be full LCL price be to Wellington or Christchurch New Zealand if possible

  2. robbie frew

    I have some manufactured plastic product I want to ship to New Zealand.
    It’s not a big consignment, probably tiny to you, but the cost of parcel freight is very expensive.
    I see you have a shipping time of 50 odd days to Auckland. that’s ok
    The parcel is approximately 6 kilo and 500 mm x 325 mm x 250 mm
    The supplier is NUEVA Ltd Burgas Bulgaria.
    This would be my first trial shipment.
    There’s no duty, gst, or customs at my end.
    Ok ! can you help ?


    1. Georgi Stoilov Post Author

      Dear Robbi,

      thank you for your rate request. For that small shipment, with the dimensions and weight provided from you below, the parcel service is the best option and we can quote you on 140 EUR over our contract with DHL. In this case we will declare a small amount – less than 15 eur as customs value and as a sample shipment and you can have the parcel within 2-3 days

      If that small shipment is moved with ocean and even air cargo – the MIN rates which wold apply will make it very very expensive moreover such costs as export and import customs processing fees will apply. These are the fees which will be applied from the customs brokers and especially for ocean transportation such fees in NZ are from the range of 135 NZD only for the presentation

      Another option is to ask the shipper to send it via EMS – who have very unreliable service from my point of view – but if you are not in a hurry might provide lower rate

      For bigger shipments – like more than 1.5-2 CBM the ocean transportation is the effective way of shipping – and you should bear in mind the port charges which for Australia and New Zealand appear to be very, very expensive

      If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us

      Best Regards

      Georgi Stoilov

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