LCL ocean service from Bulgaria to Taiwan

The Bulgarian freight forwarder and logistics provider KG CARGO LTD offers LCL (Less-Than-Container-Load) from Bulgaria to Taiwan.

Depending on the customer’s requirements for tranzit time and cost we can provide services via CFS in Sofia and via CFS Varna.

The Sofia CFS option is faster but a bit more expensive. Routing is on a regular truck from Sofia to Antwerp port from where it gets on the vessels departing from Antwerp to Taichung, Keelung and Kaohsiung.

Truck departs every week from Sofia CFS and the tranzit time from Sofia is

to Taichung 50-51  days
to Kaohsiung 53-54 days
to Keelung  54-55 days

all of the above tranzit times are from departure from Sofia CFS to free arrival at the respective port inlcuding the waiting time in Antwerp.

LCL Routing from Sofia CFS via Antwerp to Taiwan

LCL Routing from Sofia CFS via Antwerp to Taiwan

The routing via Varna is a cheaper one, but it is fortnightly on an LCL service to Singapore where the goods are re-loaded to another consolidation box to Taiwan.

The tranzit times are:

from sailing from Varna to Taichung – 45-47 days
from sailing from Varna to Keelung – 44-46 days
from sailing from Varna to Kaohsiung – 42-44 days

LCL Routing from Varna CFS via Singapore CFS to Taiwan

LCL Routing from Varna CFS via Singapore CFS to Taiwan


On customer’s  request we can organize in Bulgaria:

– pick-up from shippers door
– export customs processing
– door-to-door service from Bulgaria to Taiwan

We highly recommend that you insure your goods. We can also organize this and the maritime insurance premiums on Clause A vary between 0.3% to 0.4% depends on the commodity and the routing and coverage requested. Some special goods might get even higher.

If you have requests for rates or if you would like to get more information about our services to Taiwan, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information on KG CARGO freight forwarding service please contact us.

Airfreight to Central Asia with Ural Airlines via Sofia Airport

In the past we have tried to move some loads from USA to Dushanbe and we found that the options are very limited. Especially when it is about to move from airports different from New York and Los Angeles.  As we are people who constantly look to satisfy customer needs in logistics and transportation, we moved the freight to Sofia Airport from where we have transferred the goods to Ural Airlines and delivered them to Dushanbe.

Rate was very acceptable to the customer and we have satisfied their needs.

This inspired me to make a short presentation of Ural Airlines and show the opportunities which we can provide not only to the shippers from Bulgaria but also to shippers from USA for example.

Ural Airlines
Carrier code: U6
Carrier prefix: 262

Ural Airlines is one of the fastest developing Russian Airlines with headquarters and main cargo hub based at Yekaterinburg Airport.

The airline operates with a fleet of narrow bodied airplanes A320 and A321.

Bulgarian freight forwarder KG CARGO Ltd. provides services from Sofia via the network of Ural Airlines to following airports:


IATA code

Baku BAK Azerbaijan
Beijing BJS


Bishkek FRU Kyrgyzstan


DYU Tajikistan


HRB China


LBD Tajikistan
Namangan NMA Uzbekistan

Nizhni Novgorod




OSS Kyrgyzstan
Samarkand SKD Uzbekistan


TAS Uzbekistan




Yekaterinburg SVX





Operating the narrow bodied airplanes limits the unit weight per package to 100 kilos and the dimensions to 120/80/85 centimeters (the height of 85 cm is maximum allowed and can not be passed) but from the other side this the airline provides good opportunities for transportation of goods packed in carton boxes as this shipments are within the above limitations.

One of the best advantages using Ural Airlines is the absence of transit tax at Yekaterinburg Airport to the airports from the Russian Federation, which makes the cargo rates very competitive and allows for timely delivery of the freight moving on the Ural Airlines Network.

US shippers and forwarders can benefit from our operations in Sofia and together we can move their loads via Sofia Airport to the airports served by Ural Airlines.

For rate requests and bookings please contact Bulgarian forwarder KG CARGO Ltd.

For more information on KG CARGO freight forwarding service please contact us.

LCL transportation from Bulgaria to New Zealand

New Zealand or almost the end of the world is interesting country providing interesting opportunities. The Bulgarian forwarding company KG CARGO Ltd. offers LCL ocean transportation from Bulgaria to New Zealand with consol box from Varna.

The consolidation container from Varna departs on every two weeks. Due the increased interest though, the departures become more often recently which lead to squeezing overall lead times.

The container is closing on the day before the scheduled departure.

Shipments are delivered in CFS  depots in the cities of Auckland and Wellington.

The transit time is as follows:

Varna – Auckland: 50 days
Varna – Wellington: 54 days

The transit time includes: time for departure from port Varna-West to Singapore, loading in Singapore and departure from Singapore to the New Zealand ports.

The logistics provider KG SID also offers  value-added services base on the consolidated container transportation:

– Pick-up of shipments from Bulgaria and the neighboring countries
– Export Customs Clearance
– Any other services that may arise in the course of the work.

For a quote please request your ocean freight rate.

For more information on schedules or for making orders, please contact KG CARGO – the Bulgarian freight and transportation logistics provider.

For more information on KG CARGO freight forwarding service please contact us.

LCL Transportation from Bulgaria to Australia

LCL to Australia postIf you need to send a small commercial shipment economically to Australia, LCL ocean transportation is the solution and Bulgarian freight forwarder KG SID will deliver it for you.

We offer regular fortnightly departures from a consolidation warehouse in Varna via port of Singapore to depots based in main Australian ports of Melbourne, Sydney, Freemantle, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Container closes the day before the scheduled departure and  because the service from Varna becomes more and more attractive, departures become frequent which squeezes the overall shipment lead time and makes the service even more attractive.

Transit times from departures from Varna port are:

to Melbourne: 49 days
to Sydney: 47 days
to Brisbane: 45 days
to Fremantle: 42 days
to Adelaide: 49 days

The transit time includes: time from departure from port Varna-West to sorting depot in Singapore, loading in Singapore and departure from Singapore to the Australian ports.

We also offer value added services such as:

Pick-up of shipments from Bulgaria and the neighboring countries
Export Customs Clearance
Any other services that may arise in the course of the work.

For quotation and schedules as well for orders please contact Bulgarian freight forwarder and logistics provider KG CARGO Ltd.

For more information on KG CARGO freight forwarding service please contact us.

Transportation services between Philippines and Bulgaria

Manila port - one of the busiest in the world

Manila port – one of the busiest in the world

The Republic of the Philippines, more commonly referred to as the Philippines is located in Southeast Asia, at 1,210 km from the coast of mainland Asia. The country consist of 7,107 islands, of which only about 10% are inhabited. Philippine  population is nearly 90 million. The capital is Manila, with a population over 11 million people which makes it one of the 20 largest metropolitan areas in the world.

The economy of the Philippines is still primarily agricultural, although light industry is growing. Philippines are 118th out of 178 countries in terms of GDP. Once the richest in Asia after Japan, the Philippine economy shrank in the early 1980s as a result of reduced demand for Philippine products. Attempts to improve the economy have been hampered by the large national debt of 77% of GDP. Interesting what would Greeks and Cypriots say to this.  Philippines is a member of the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and other international economic organizations. Major trading partners of the Philippines are the United States and Japan.

Bulgarian forwarding company KG SID Ltd. offers a variety of freight and logistics services related to the transportation of loads  to and from the Philippines:


Air transport: We provide air cargo transportation from the airport Sofia as well as in specific cases from other airports in the European Union with the aim of offering cost-effective transportation at reasonable transit time.

LCL transportation: We offer service from Port of Varna as well as from the port of Antwerp. However, movement via port Varna is more cost effective with relatively the same tranzit time as the ocean movement via Antwerp.
In the port of Varna-West cargoes are consolidated and stuffed o a container which sails to the port of Singapore from where the goods are transhipped to Manila and Cebu ports. Container from Varna-West departs every 2 weeks and the transit time to Manila is about 40-41 days (includes transhipment time in Singapore) and to Cebu is 41-42 days.
For movement via Antwerp cargo is consolidated into CFS warehouse in Sofia, where every Friday a groupage truck departs for the Antwerp port where the loads are processed for final destination – CFS in  Manila and CFS in Cebu.
Transit time from departure of trucks from Sofia to the arrival at CFS in Manila is approximately 45-47 days, and to CFS Cebu approximately 51-52 days.

Ocean transportation export of full container loads: We offer services with various carriers via ports of Varna, Burgas and Thessaloniki, depending on your requirements for transit time and related transportation cost.

If you have any requests for air export, sea freight LCL or transport of full containers – FCL, please contact Bulgarian logistics and freight forwarding company KG CARGO.


Air Cargo: With the assistance of our partners from PFI Agents Network and Five Stars Network we offer airfreight transportation from Philippines via Manila airport to Bulgaria. Whether on a direct service to Sofia Airport or via some of the big European Airports, we can provide not only the air transportation but also such value added services like customs clearance and delivery do door.

LCL (Low Than a Container Load) – You can contact us direct for a quote on inbound LCL cargoes from Manila and Cebu to Varna. With excellent connections with leading NVOCC we can book your cargo from door to door with full transparency of cost and no hidden charges.
We offer services from CFS Manila and CFS Cebu via Hong Kong and via Singapore to Varna. Transit time in Hong Kong is about 41 days, and from Cebu about 42 days.

Ocean transportation of full containers – We offer services with various carriers via ports of Varna, Burgas and Thessaloniki, depending on your requirements for transit time and related transportation cost.  You can contact us direct for inbound cargoes of full containers from the Philippines.

If you have any transportation requests or require a quote for importing freight – via air freight,  LCL sea freight or ocean transportation of full containers from Philippines to Bulgaria or even near countries like Macedonia please contact Bulgarian logistics and freight forwarding company KG CARGO LTD.

For more information on KG CARGO freight forwarding service please contact us.

LCL from Bulgaria to South Africa

For your LCL ocean loads from Bulgaria to South Africa KG CARGO offers weekly departures from Sofia CFS via Antwerp to South Africa and fortnightly service from Varna CFS via Singapore.

Ports served: Capetown, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg.

Service from Sofia CFS:

Weekly departures from Sofia CFS.
Closing Thursday end of the day.
Departure of the truck on Friday.
Arrival of the consolidation truck at Antwerp port on Wednesday and getting on the first available vessel.

Tranzit times:

Sofia CFS – Cape Town CFS: 35 days
Sofia CFS – Durban CFS: 39 days
Sofia CFS – Port Elizabeth CFS: 38 days
Sofia CFS – Johannesburg CFS: 41 days

Tranzit times are calculated from departure of the truck from Sofia CFS and includes the waiting time at Antwerp.

Service from Varna CFS:

Closing day before consolidation container departure to Singapore.

Tranzit times to Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth: 55-60 days from sailing from Varna West.

Tranzit time to Johannesburg – 62-67 days from Varna West

The tranzit time includes – sailing time from Varna West to Singapore, transhipment in Singapore and sailing time from Singapore to South African ports.

Based on the above  services we also provide value added products:

– pick-up of your loads anywhere in Bulgaria or neighboring countries
– export customs processing
– any other services which might be requested

For request and quotes please contact Bulgarian freight forwarder and logistics provider KG SID Ltd.

For more information on KG CARGO freight forwarding service please contact us.

Planning of an airfreight shipment

In our last blog we have discussed the elements of the freight quote. Today we will move forward. Assume the quote is accepted and load is tendered to the shipping agent. What happens next?

I would split air shipping in three main stages:

1.    Before arrival at origin airport
2.    Between origin and destination airports
3.    After arrival at destination airport

Nevertheless type of goods – flippable bars or live elephant the first thing the forwarder does, after your confirmation call is a routing plan.  This plan includes

•    How and when to arrange pick-up
•    What paperwork is needed
•    Which airline shall be used
•    Booking with the airline
•    Organizing of the destination service
•    Scheduling all of the above

Though the steps seem equal the details make the whole difference.

We can schedule pick-up of our two flippable bars easily with consolidation service or with a dedicated loading depending only on the urgency of their shipping. From the other side planning for movement of the elephant includes always special transportation from its cage in the circus to the airport. And this transportation should respond to very specific requirements taking into consideration such factors as type of the elephant, its size and weight, its training and acclimatization, length of travel, drainage for the urine and I am sure thousand of other factors.

Paperwork needed for our bars is only one commercial invoice and eventually a packing list but for the elephant we need a whole War and Peace trilogy of paper in order to be able to move our friend to fly to the place of its performance.
Booking an airline for the bars will take only two considerations – does the carrier operate to the country where we want our bars delivered and what is the price.  Elephant shipping requires that we firstly find an airline which is specialized in transportation of live animals and not every airline does this.  And this airline might not be near us. Imagine the elephant is in Sofia, Bulgaria and this airline can move from Frankfurt only.  Than the pick-up becomes very complex issue which should take into consideration many factors including crossing several countries with differences in their regulations for transport of live animals.

Organizing of destination service means that someone should meet your load in the destination and arrange all of the formalities as well as physical delivery of the goods to the final destination.  In any way the origin forwarder should previously know what the destination organization will be.  Is it the consignee who will take care for destination airport processing or it will be another forwarder who will be operating on behalf of the consignee.  And if for the flippable bars it can be decided on the move the destination organization for the elephant should be put in place well in advance before elephants departure from the origin.

And at the end – all of the above tasks – no matter it is about movement of nice logo printed flippable bars or a live elephant in order to have perfect service – we need to have perfect timing of performance of the above procedures. And perfect timing actually makes the difference.

If you care how your loads will move, no matter what is the commodity , please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information on KG CARGO freight forwarding service please contact us.

Freight quote – the elements

Very often on the phone or via e-mail I receives requests like “How much it will cost me to move a load from USA or China to Bulgaria”.  Literally !  Well, I would gladly quote them but I can’t. Neither will any other forwarder.  For the simple reason that the rate request is incomplete and provides no information that can help to make a proper price calculation.

Actually, the international transportation, though not a rocket science, is pretty complicated  process or set of processes and activities involving various participants, environments and regulations. That is why when requesting a rate it is highly recommendable that basic load information is provided from the very beginning in order to avoid clarification calls and mails – which is a simple waste of time.

Below we will list the main elements which your rate request should contain in order to get a proper proposal for transportation which to be backed by the opportunities to do the job. This will help you to make your cost calculation much more precise.

Address of loading/unloading:
For USA, Canada and EU countries it is enough to point out name of the city /town and the post/ZIP code and the country. But in order to get inland cost calculation for counties from South East Asia or India you should provide the complete address.Be precise!

Terms of delivery:
one of the most important and one of the most omitted elements. That is why we will discuss it in details in our next post. Here I would like to accent that providing the terms of delivery – FOB, EXW, DAP is great information for the forwarder as they will know what cost elements to include in the calculation.

Gross weight and package dimensions:
I have received many rate requests which contain only the gross weight of the shipment.  Or only the gross weight and the volume of the shipment. Well sometimes it is not enough especially when airfreight quote is needed. In airfreight there are certain limitations on the single unit dimensions and gross weight and this limitations vary from airplane to airplane. That’s why especially when you have packing different from typical cartons packaging – get as accurate dimensions per package as possible. This can save you very unpleasant surprises with cargo on-hold or rejected just because it can not physically fit into the cargo bay of the plane or container.

Description of goods:
I can never understand customers who are unwilling to disclose what is the commodity they want transported. If this is a secret – then do not use forwarder – call the mob for example they are good in keeping secrets. But if you need a good rate which considers your commodity – just advise it to the forwarder.  The shipping lines and airlines have specific rates for specific commodities.  So better this to be known from the beginning. For example – flashlights with batteries can be a pain unless you have advised in advance that the flashlights are with  batteries.

We will discuss this in additional post but here I would like to accent that unless you explicitly ask for cargo insurance you will not be quoted one.  Why? Very easy – transportation is different activity from the cargo insurance and being not mandatory forwarders do not quote unless asked. But my recommendation is – ALWAYS ASK FOR INSURANCE.  Might increase your cost but not with much and makes your sleep undisturbed.

Goods value:
For most of the shipments goods value is related mostly to the cost of the cargo insurance. But for some specific goods like valuables providing goods value is a must.  Also it is good to know it as in some countries it is part of the calculation of the customs bond, duties and taxes.

Specific terms of transportation:
Keeping certain conditions in transportation of certain commodities might be crucial to the goods themselves. If you ship vaccines for example maintaining the the narrow temperature range is mandatory in order to have vaccines transported without destroying them. So – know and request any specific ways of transportation if different from the normally accepted for the certain carriage. For example if you move ocean freight know that the containers move in a high humidity environment with very wide temperature ranges.

In order to make your life easier the forwarding and logistics provider KG CARGO has developed a rate request forms for airfreight, ocean freight and road freight rate requests which can lead you in the process.

For more information on KG CARGO freight forwarding service please contact us.

Airfreight with Thomas Cook from Sofia and Bourgas airports

Airline Thomas Cook started operations at Airport Bourgas with wide-bodied planes – B767-300 and A330-200 which increased the opportunities for shipping goods as airfreight. The maximum dimensions in centimeters for one piece are 318/244/160 cm which compared with the mediocre 120/80/80 via airport Sofia is a huge improvement.

 Thomas Cook flies to Manchester from where provides deliveries to USA, Mexico and South America and to London Gatwick from where together with Hong Kong Airlines provides services to Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and South Korea.

More details:

  • Scheduled Departure: each Monday and Friday

  • Cut-off from Sofia – up to the end of the office day on Sunday for the Monday flight and by the end of the office day on Thursday for the flight on Friday

  • Cut-off from Bourgas – recomendable 10-12 am on the day of the flight operations

  • Limitations in dimensions for single unit: 318/244/160 cm

  • Limitations in weight for single unit: MAX 4 500 kilos depending on the final destination

  • The export customs which should be shown at the SAD is Burgas Airport – BG001002,

For quotes and bookings please contact Bulgarian freight forwarder KG CARGO Ltd.

For more information on KG CARGO freight forwarding service please contact us.